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Alliances, innovative concepts & employment

We seek to tap the creativity, energy and innovative ideas of individuals and organizations around the world to discover new ways to tackle our initiatives.

Gossamer Crossing actively searches for funding for projects. Supporting our belief, because most issues are better solved by local efforts. Secondly involving local leadership and programs that provide support, training and assets

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Gossamer Crossing is continually seeking to staff ongoing and upcoming projects. Our work is challenging and expeditionary based.

If you are interested in being notified as positions open – submit your resume/CV to

All document submissions will remain with Gossamer Crossing and remain confidential.

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Gossamer Crossing Understands no one organization or industry will address the most challenging sustainability problems in the world, we are actively seeking to create alliances that harness the collective expertise, capabilities, technology and capital of the public, private and non-profit sectors to produce a sustainable development effect. These collaborations help us achieve more than we could ever do on our own.

We are excited about working in collaboration with a number of stakeholders-large international companies, small enterprises, institutions, foundations, Charities, diaspora organizations, in-country sponsors, policy agencies and other donors-to create a meaningful change in lives around the world.

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Innovative Concepts

Concepts and innovative technologies originate from everywhere – a start-up developer, an academic research center, a business, or a grassroots association. 

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All document submissions remain with Gossamer Crossing and remain confidential.