Who We Are

Improving lives within the communities we touch

Gossamer Crossing operates across the African continent. Specializing in aviation freight/charter services, air navigation systems, medical evacuations and airfield modernization. We are a proven solution in the development of civil works, port development and communication infrastructure. We provide end to end consulting to enhance regional growth of infrastructural needs across Africa.

Our Philosophy

Amicus Humani Generis “A Friend to All”

Who We Are

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to build lasting relationships and trust within governments and business partners as we develop and expand our services across the Continent. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve quality of life through delivering innovative, viable and affordable solutions to our stakeholders and empower the communities we touch.

Who We Are

Our Approach

Our approach is to build durable independent capacity. Gossamer Crossing believes successful local development is built upon individual leadership working with innovative ideas.

Our Values

Our workplace culture holds strong values which have been vital to the excellence and execution of our business as per our company mission states.

Achieve operational excellence through maintaining strong positive internal and external collaborative and open communication.

Attention to Detail
Maintain high standards for reporting, auditing, safety, cost control and successful implementation of projects.

Prompt project completion with performance exceeding set standards.

Who We Are

Our History

Gossamer Crossing Global was founded in 2009.  Our initial journey started work on Infrastructure Projects in Africa, Throughout our journey, we have rapidly expanded our operations in the Africa continent.

We have over 20 years of experience and rich history in Africa working for both international and private organizations, governments and humanitarian support in the regions that have been impacted by various crises. Our successful past influences our future and our aggressive expansion across the continent of Africa.

We strive to work closely with governments,  international organizations, accredited manufacturers, and skilled resources as we continue to support the development of all kinds of infrastructure matching global standards in engineering whilst maintaining high levels of professional expertise that is required to executive projects. 

Our Corporate Responsibility

Reliable Development

To provide reliable transport of goods resulting in reduced time to market and business growth, increased trade, communication development, reliable health care and education support.