Medical Support & Evacuation Response

Fast Response & Medical Assistance

Gossamer Crossing and our partner NGO Essential Air Service Africa provide 24/7 on-call medical professional support and remote medical evacuation. We act on emergencies with quick response preparation and prompt medical assistance whenever called on. Our mission is to be fast and responsive to provide medical assistance.

Essential Air Service Africa is tasked with providing access to ungoverned areas across the SAHEL region. Reducing access time from weeks to hours. Providing essential Medical Support, Emergency Response and Logistic Reach.

Service Mission

Gossamer Crossing provides air ambulance medical services with qualified medical personnel while providing training for responders and coupled with fully equipped medical clinics within the countries of operation.

Medical Support & Evacuation Response

Medical Evacuation Services

EASA provides medical evacuation services for the Lake Chad region. Our N’Djamena based aviation medical evacuation service provides medical support to organizations and individuals working in Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger.

Utilizing the Cessna Caravan CargoMaster airframe, we have access to airfields, roads and unimproved otherwise unusable landing strips. Able to fly in the extreme heat of the summer the Caravan is a proven performer for the reliable evacuation of our clients.

Medical Support & Evacuation Response

Medical Support

Medical support & Emergency Response is by nature unplanned, unpredictable and urgent. Cases resulting from often unforeseen events, such as injuries caused by accidents or disease, typically happening to a patient far away from a healthcare facility.

EASA provides Primary Leg medical evacuation and emergency medical treatment. Our aircraft are staffed by medical professionals capable of treating a wide variety of conditions from Trauma, Maternity and Snake Bite.

We also offer support of relief efforts in response to famine, natural & man-made disasters. Rapid assessment increases the effectiveness of response and reduces reaction time to hours rather than weeks.

Medical Support & Evacuation Response

Medical Clinics

We can customize medical clinics. A single unit or multiple units joined together, to provide for your specific comprehensive medical services requirements.

Gossamer Crossing delivers turn-key healthcare solutions that are powered from the electrical grid, a quiet diesel generator, solar panels with a lithium battery, or a hybrid combination of solar and diesel generator.

Medical Support & Evacuation Response

Air Ambulance Services

Under the Air Ambulance Division we provide:

  • UN level qualified and certified  Doctors, Nurses and Medics
  • FAA certified, experienced bush pilots
  • FAA certified N-Registered aircraft
  • Medical training for client staff and management
  • Workplace safety training and audits
  • Medical certification training for medical professionals
  • Tele-med service and support
  • Ambulance support at receiving airfield
  • Staffed basic care clinics for clients in remote areas
  • Trauma and stabilization clinics in more built-up areas and cities
  • Medical device and pharmaceutical logistics
  • Long Haul flight support 

Medical Support & Evacuation Response

Logistic Reach & Training

Logistic Reach

We Provide reliable transport of goods resulting in reduced time to market and business growth, increased trade, communication development, reliable health care and Education support.

The Training

We focus on quality development and preparation through the incorporation of trained medical professionals, Gossamer Crossing increases awareness of medical emergencies before they arise. We advocate for an innovative, time-saving approach that enhances response time,