Air Navigation Services

Flight Calibration & Airspace fee collection solution

Gossamer Crossing provides long and short contracts for navigation and calibration services for Airports in Africa. Our Air Navigation Services portfolio focuses on air safety through our systems and solutions. We increase security. We are able to offer competitive rates on calibration services using proven technologies that enable efficiency in time and not disrupting airfield operations.

Gossamer Crossing owns and operates a King Air 350i with sufficient aircrew and equipment for these specialized services.

Airport Calibration Services Objectives

Our objectives for the Navigation and Calibration services is to provide best services that are ICAO compliant, Civil Aviation assessment and data delivery across Africa. We are keen on creating more jobs in our regions of operations as we strive to bring more assets into Africa.

Air Navigation Services

Airport Flight Calibration

Gossamer Crossing provides cost-effective calibration, inspection, validation, checking of the full range of aircraft radio navigation aids, including Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) to Cat III and primary and secondary radar systems with minimal airfield and aircraft operation disruptions.

We inspect equipment or any other communication or navigational instrument to ensure that they work accurately and precisely. Our services include;

  • IILS Cat I, ILS Cat II and ILS Cat III
  • CVOR and DVOR
  • NDB, DME & VDF
  • MLS
  • PAR
  • Primary / Secondary Radar
  • Wide Area Multiliteracies (MLAT)
  • ADS-B
  • Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL)
  • RNAV, GNSS, GPS & SBAS Validation
  • PAPI
  • Instrument Procedure Design
  • Worldwide Deployment Capability
  • Flight Inspection Equipment

Air Navigation Services

Airspace Fee Collection Solution

Gossamer Crossing together with our partner NavPass provides a solution to accurately collect air navigation fees from all aircraft operating in several airspaces. We install, service and maintain the infrastructure of antennas, satellites and equipment.

Furthermore, we connect and process this data through our partner’s platform in order to accurately identify users, correctly, charging and securely collecting payment for the predetermined air navigation user fee.

Accurately collect Air Traffic Fees to create a self-funding/self-sustaining aviation system. We provide an assessment of the airspace, ATC, equipment, airports, route structure, approaches and provide consulting to the civil aviation authorities on cost-effective decisions.

The platform also provides remote tower assessments as a cost-effective alternative to building a new ATC tower.

Air Navigation Services

Calibrations Services Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, ICAO compliant, efficient airfield calibration service. Our service emphasizes safety as its highest priority. We operate the best-maintained aircraft for this operation. We do not skimp on maintenance in any fashion whatsoever. We operate our flights on time.