What We Do

Customer Solutions

Gossamer Crossing capabilities are diverse, our expertise in Aviation, Civil Infrastructure and Medical Services enables us to gather and analyze relevant pillar specific information and apply it to the customers solution.

We provide consulting services to various industries and also provide field assessments for markets across Africa.

With this strong experience and exposure, we leverage our relationships to ensure that our clients have clarity and understand processes required for business, environment and social needs.

Our commitment to the community

Our commitment is to create local jobs. Gossamer Crossing uses existing human capital infrastructure to develop local capacity to upscale and train local talent, effectively creating employment and improving lives within the local communities.

What We Do

Aviation Services

Gossamer Crossing continuously enhances our safe services to provide seamless solutions for our customers and passengers. Gossamer Crossing is creating new routes! We are an air operator service provider for passenger, cargo, medevac and freight solutions.

Gossamer Crossing’s passion is to make the African continent much more accessible through safe, secure, efficient, reliable Aviation services.

What We Do

Air Navigation Services

Gossamer Crossing provides long and short contracts for navigation and calibration services for Airports in Africa. Our Air Navigation Services portfolio focuses on air safety through our systems and solutions. We increase security. We are able to offer competitive rates on calibration services using proven technologies that enable efficiency in time and not disrupting airfield operations.

Gossamer Crossing owns and operates a King Air 350i with sufficient aircrew and equipment for these specialized services.

What We Do

Medical Support & Emergency Response

Gossamer Crossing and our partner NGO Essential Air Service Africa provide 24/7 on-call medical professional support and remote medical evacuation. We act on emergencies with quick response preparation and prompt medical assistance whenever called on. Our mission is to be fast and responsive to provide medical assistance.

Essential Air Service Africa is tasked with providing access to ungoverned areas across the SAHEL region. Reducing access time from weeks to hours. Providing essential Medical Support, Emergency Response and Logistic Reach.

What We Do

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure provides transport, energy, clean water and communications solutions within our communities. Reliable, efficient and sustainable infrastructure is key to economic prosperity.

Gossamer Crossing provides engineering, procurement, construction and project management on major infrastructure development projects across Africa. We have been present in the African region since 2009 with successful projects in the Horn of Africa into East & Central Africa.