Medical Support, Emergency Response, & Training

Securing a Safe Journey

Medical Support & Evacuation

Gossamer Crossing and our affiliate NGO (Essential Air Service Africa) provide on-call 24/7 medical professional support and remote fixed wing medical evacuation for the GC clientele.  GC also provides:

  • UN level qualified and certified embedded Doctors, Nurses and Medics
  • FAA certified experienced bush pilots
  • FAA certified N-Registered aircraft
  • Medical training for client staff and management
  • Workplace safety training and audits
  • Medical certification training for medical professionals
  • Tele-med service and support
  • Ambulance support at receiving airfield
  • Staffed basic care clinics for clients in remote areas
  • Trauma and stabilization clinics in more built-up areas and cities
  • Medical device and pharmaceutical logistics
  • Long Haul flight support and teaming

The Foundation

Gossamer Crossing and our affiliate NGOs maintains qualified and certified local medical expertise in supporting a variety of medical emergencies. Emergencies such as untimely remote medical sickness or injury, famine support, natural disasters, and refugee situations, Gossamer Crossing can support and assist.

By providing full scope medical support which includes certified FAA N-rated aviation, experienced bush pilots, certified medical professionals, medical supplies necessary to deal with any number of emergencies, as well as leaving the legacy of well-trained certified local staff, the team at Gossamer Crossing embodies our message of support in the hardest of times.

The Training

With a focus on constant improvement and training thru embedding certified medical professionals, Gossamer Crossing brings awareness to emergencies before they occur.  GC promotes an effective, time-saving methodology to minimize response time, and our constant drive is to assist our clients in being vigilantly preventive and proactive.

The Promise

More than a decade ago, our founder created Gossamer Crossing with the stated core value of AMiCUS, or “A friend to all”.   GC’s mission is to expresses AMiCUS through expertise and solutions across the African Continent leaving well trained and certified local staff, safe protected clients, and vibrant supported communities.

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