Infrastructure Development

Setting a foundation that lasts

Infrastructure Development

Global investment into Africa is in full swing. The need to develop markets and obtain natural resources is driving countries and corporations to look to the continent for expansion.

Navigating the complexities of African business demands trusted relationships and partners. Gossamer Crossing successfully entered this demanding market in 2009 and is continuing its measured growth from the Horn of Africa into East & Central African markets.

Our Skillset

Our access to subject matter experts in business, law, engineering and the physical & social sciences provide us the tools to gather and analyze information critical for accurate strategic decisions.

We provide business sector consulting and field assessments for markets and services. Utilizing our wide breadth of experience and leveraging our trusted relationships ensures our clients have a full and transparent understanding of the relevant business climate.

The Promise

Whatever the service, our goal is to make use of local resources and train local talent, ultimately ending at a safe, on-time, on-budget engagement.

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