Company Overview

Gossamer Crossing’s approach is open collaboration. We integrate with local resources to find a common, cohesive approach that meets the needs of our clients. Gossamer Crossing is focused on developing lasting relationships to facilitate trust and results.

Working from National to community levels, Gossamer Crossing creates, builds and maintains long-term solutions and relationships. Gossamer Crossing employs a team of civil engineers, land surveyors, multi-discipline scientists and community planners who have the ability to assess, design and manage a vast array of critical needs infrastructure development projects.

The company operates with the latest technologies and processes, which allows for rapid & accurate work methods in emerging markets. This approach produces deliverables for accurate planning and executable designs. We call our approach “Tactical Engineering.”

Our corporate culture holds the following tenets as critical to our mission success


Achieve operational excellence through strong positive collaborative internal and external communication.

Attention to Detail

A higher standard in reporting, auditing, safety, cost control, and ultimate project completion.


Efficient, on-time, and consistent; exceeding the standards required by the client.
Our structure is supported by small teams operating independently with clear direction, authority, and self-reliance. The small team structure permits the timely execution of critical tasks unhindered by bureaucracy and micro-management. Our on-site mangers have the authority and expertise required to execute the mission in a safe, effective manner to best serve the client.

Founded in 2008 the Gossamer Crossing management team has decades of experience developing critical needs infrastructure development projects. Gossamer Crossing was created for the purpose of providing technical expertise and solutions in conflict regions and emerging economies.

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