Gossamer Crossing
Gossamer Crossing operates on the African continent. Headquartered in the USA and Kenya, Gossamer Crossing has an existing footprint in East, South, West and Central African countries specializing in aviation charter/freight services, medical clinics, medical evacuations, assistance services and civil infrastructure development.
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Air Operation Services Provider in Africa
Gossamer Crossing is an air operator service provider for passenger, cargo, medevac and freight solutions creating new routes across Africa.Gossamer Crossing continuously enhances our safe services to provide seamless solutions for our customers and passengers. Our passion is to make the African continent much more accessible through safe, secure, efficient, reliable Aviation services.
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Medevac & Medical Support Services
Gossamer Crossing and our partners provide 24/7 on-call medical professional support and remote/bush medical evacuation. We act on emergencies with quick response preparation and prompt medical assistance whenever and wherever called upon.
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Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure Services
Gossamer Crossing has been present in the African region since 2009 successfully completing safe, efficient projects across the continent. Gossamer Crossing participates in civil engineering, communication infrastructure, procurement, civil construction and project management for major infrastructure development projects across Africa.
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Impact on Communities
Gossamer Crossing’s passion is to enhance lives and positively impact communities. We provide viable solutions in Infrastructure build and development, Aviation needs and Medical support services. We strive to improve lives within the communities we touch.
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Our vision & mission statement

Our vision is to build lasting relationships and trust within governments and business partners as we develop and expand our services across the Continent. 

Our mission is to improve quality of life through delivering innovative, viable and affordable solutions to our stakeholders and empower the communities we touch.

What we do

Aviation Services

Gossamer Crossing is creating new routes! We are an air operator service provider for passenger, cargo, medevac and freight solutions.

Medevac Services

Gossamer Crossing and our partner NGO Essential Air Service Africa provide 24/7 on-call medical professional support and remote medical evacuation

Infrastructure Services

We provide engineering, procurement, construction and project management on major infrastructure development projects across Africa.

Our impact on the community

We believe working with actual researched and analysed data is essential for driving impact. Through information, we better understand complex innovation and develop effective strategies to support clients goals


Proven Technology

Gossamer Crossing capabilities enable and strengthen implementation processes in Aviation, Medical and Infrastructure Development across the globe.

The key projects we are undertaking in our areas of operation have long-term benefits for the world. Development is taking place alongside collaboration and technology transfer being key in our strategic program policy.