About Us

Gossamer Crossing’s approach is open collaboration. We integrate with local resources to find a common, cohesive approach that meets the needs of our clients. Gossamer Crossing is focused on developing lasting relationships to facilitate trust and results.

Working from National to community levels, Gossamer Crossing creates, builds and maintains long-term solutions and relationships. Gossamer Crossing employs a team of civil engineers, land surveyors, multi-discipline scientists and community planners who have the ability to assess, design and manage a vast array of critical needs infrastructure development projects.

Africa’s Power Future – All Power is Local
Identified as the largest challenge to growth and prosperity, Africa’s lack of power infrastructure is an urgent need & challenge. It is clear all future power solutions will have a significant local component.

What We Offer

Airfield Development

Providing ICAO/FAA standard lighting and navigation systems for airfields throughout the African Continent.

Tower & Spans

Designing & Installing critical needs project infrastructure in the communication and transportation sectors.

Engineering Services

Our tactical surveying and engineering teams provide ASTM/BSI level service in Africa's most challenging development environments.

Expeditionary Logistic Support

Supporting field operations for clients working forward operating missions in East & Central Africa.

Energy Delivery Systems

Delivering adaptive power solutions to our clients utilizing Diesel/Solar Hybrid technologies and utility services options.

Business Development Services

Providing business sector assessment services for clients looking to work or invest in East & Central Africa.

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